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Prince + Queen Pairs
The court cards are archetypes of the 4 general types of people.  Since the Queens and Princes generally represent actual people during readings, bifrost uses the LaVey Personality Synthesizer with these 8 cards.  They each represent one of the 4 main archetypes of people, who can be identified as easily as noting their body type.  For example: broad shoulders, narrow hips, long torso and short legs is archetypal fire, typified by the Prince and Queen of Wands.  The LPS is based upon dividing the personality into 3 layers:  the apparent self, the demonic self (anima or animus), and the core self.  The general types of people are broken down into the 4 groups based on the 4 elements, and then further broken down into 2 of each sex, making it another system based on the 8 X 3 formula.  Each number on the face of the clock is represented as a particular archetype.

11:00-1:00 Male Prince of Wands Queen of Wands 11:00-1:00 Female
5:00-7:00 Male Prince of Cups Queen of Cups 5:00-7:00 Female
2:00-4:00 Male Prince of Swords Queen of Swords 2:00-4:00 Female
8:00-10:00 Male Prince of Disks Queen of Disks 8:00-10:00 Female

The LaVey Personality Synthesizer:

The 3 Layers of the Personality

Apparent layer: outer physical appearance - how others see you
Demonic middle layer: the alter-ego or dark side - the opposite sex and inverse clock position of the Apparent layer - the Anima (or animus)
Core layer: how the person sees himself - which can be same or opposite sex, but always the same clock position as the Apparent layer
Majority Self: whichever two layers outweigh the third
Minority Self: in this example the Male sex is the Minority Self and the Demonic layer is the Minority Self

General qualities of the 4 main groups:

Prince of Wands   Queen of Wands
11:00-1:00 Fire Wands Male Core


Physical: wide shoulders & narrow hips  
  long torso & short legs  
  hard & firm flesh  
Mental: pioneer soul  
  dominant by nature, always on stage  
  aggressive, impulsive, and self-conscerned  

Prince of Swords   Queen of Swords
2:00-4:00 Air Swords Intellectual Type


Physical: small frame  
  straight build, no waist  
  translucent flesh  
Mental: least social, a social critic  
  a technical, abstract thinker  
  mind constantly in action  

Prince of Cups   Queen of Cups
5:00-7:00 Water Cups Female Core


Physical: narrow shoulders & wide hips  
  short torso & long legs  
  marshmallow flesh  
  fluid movement>  
Mental: dependable & consistent  
  open to suggestion  

Prince of Disks   Queen of Disks
8:00-10:00 Earth Disks Emotional Type


Physical: large frame  
  tendency to gain weight  
  rubbery flesh  
Mental: very social  
  agreeable, good sense of humor  
  sensible, solid  
  practical and resourceful  
  a doer, not a thinker  

At this point it is important to explain the number sets, for example the 8:00-10:00 above.  The number 8:00 is to be thought of as 8 O'clock.  4 groups each correspond to an element and suit.  Each number on the face of a clock represents a distinct personality type.  This is actually as far as the bifrost court cards describe, but the LPS goes even deeper into the description of each of the 12 clock positions, there being 3 for each element. 

LaVey described the physical proportions, temperament, and other qualities of each individual clock position in The Satanic Witch.  Study this system in order to fully understand the court cards in bifrost.

LaVey actually went so far as to provide information as detailed as each type's choice of automobiles in his Personality Synthesizer. 
For more information about this brilliant method of personality classification, read The Satanic Witch ©1970 by Anton Szandor LaVey.
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