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The Black Hole & The Aeon

The extra 2 cards in the bifrost Tarot require a little explanation.  I believe the place to start is with Dr. Timothy Leary.  Timothy Leary openly admitted that it was his goal to furthur progress the life's work of Aleister Crowley.  In his 1979 tarot classic, The Game of Life, Leary explained it best:  "If we are working with a system of 4 elements, then the number of permutations is 24.  It is simple math.  4 X 3 X 2 X 1 = 24."  Leary also explained the mathematical importance of the equation 8 X 3 = 24.  Leary stated:

  The number eight (particularly expressed as 7 + 1) seems to be involved in the basic equations of energy-matter.  Neurogenetic theory looks to atomic physics for explanatory guides.  The Periodic Table of Elements is a logical foundation for any model of energy manifestation, even as peripheral as the phsychlogical and sociological.  The Periodic Table defines eight (7 + 1) families of elements.  We have pointed out earlier, that the directional tendency of the Periodic Table is, in general outline, similar to the Neurogenetic array.  Moving from earth-metals to the noble gases.

Also: the oldest philosophic text is the I Ching.  The Chinese Book of Changes defines eight levels of energy, again moving from earth (yin) to heaven (yang).

Leary claimed that the number 3 is important because of the fact that neural signals come in 3 phases;  reception, integration, and transmission.  He also pointed out the obvious fact that there are 24 hours in the day and likened the hero's journey to the grand scheme of evolution, beginning with the single-cell organisms at the stage of The Fool and ending with godhood, the shedding of the physical being at The Aeon.

The Holy Bible in Revelation 4:4 states:

  And round about the throne were four and twenty seats: and upon the seats I saw four and twenty elders sitting, clothed in white raiment; and they had on their heads crowns of gold.

These seats are the 24 locks and the elders are the 24 keys, or the archetypes of the Major Arcana.

Also note the 2 hidden paths on the Tree of Life, from Gevurah - Da'at - Chokhmah, and from Binah - Da'at - Chesed.  These 2 secret pathways have always cried out for attention, but the mystery surrounding Da'at has kept them hidden.  Although the paths from Gevurah - Chokhmah and Binah - Chesed are visible, the unknown station in the abyss, Da'at effectively splits both paths in twain, revealing the 2 extra pathways.*  Crossing like an X on the head, these 2 paths which are really 4 paths contain secrets that are only to be exposed when mankind reaches a certain level of development.  These 2 cards go beyond The Universe as mankind has previously understood it.  This awareness is necessary to facilitate the next stages of evolution.

Even Crowley himself hinted at the existence of these 2 extra cards, signified by numbers *31 and *32 (as apposed to the ordinary 31 and 32). Numbers 1 - 10 are the Sephiroth, and then numbers 11 - 32 represent the Trumps. *32 and *31 are tacked on at the end of the charts, suggesting 2 extra cards.

In light of my awareness of this issue, I added 2 extra cards to the Bifrost Tarot;  The Aeon and The Black Hole.  Of course those of us who know the Thoth Deck know that The Aeon is nothing new.  This was an opportunity to reconcile Crowley's disdain for A.E. Waite and his tarot (although I share this sentiment).  The Aeon has been re-rendered as more of a mystical energy field that appears in the image of man.  It represents the final, self-actualized stage of awareness, the Singularity.  Yoga and Buddhism are symbolized on this card.  The Black Hole card was inspired by Timothy Leary's extra card, Violet Whole Fusion.  It is the quest into the beyond, or the great unknown.  It can be taken as a reference to Abaddon (Apollyon), the angel and king of the bottomless pit.  Also it completes a series of cards that begins with the Tower, its masculine counterpart.

This also breaks the path from Tiphareth to Kether for a third extra path, but this would break the continuity of the scheme of 24.  Perhaps an extra card with the card back on both sides would fulfill this extra pathway, or the title card could possibly be used for this.

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